A Gift That Gives Back

Carol and Mark Taylor

Dr. Mark F. Taylor '62, '71 PhD (College of Natural Sciences) and Ms. Carol Woodcock Taylor '66 (Humanities and Fine Arts)

Carol and Mark Taylor grew up near each other on Cape Cod, but they didn't meet until they were students at UMass. It was the summer of 1966 and they met at The Hatch, a popular student hangout at the time.

Their lives and careers took them on an international journey, including three years in Algeria to help found an all-English language electrical engineering institute, and back and forth between Boston andNewYork as they pursued careers in education, publishing and computer science.

Mark and Carol have always been socially active. While Carol was studying at Columbia University during politically turbulent times in 1968, she turned her practical focus from French studies to English as a second language (ESL) because, as she says, "I asked myself why I was studying French when I cared more about the U.S. and its problems. I became very political."

Mark's involvement in social issues centers on volunteering with organizations providing mentoring and tutoring to students aspiring to attend college. According to Mark, "I feel public education is a bedrock that doesn't get the support it really needs. A lot of highly capable young people from modest economic circumstances don't have access to opportunity."

Carol retired last year after 15 years at Mass General in philanthropic development. She always knew she would leave something from her estate to charity and decided to give to organizations that made a difference in her life. She and Mark decided that a charitable gift annuity (CGA) was a great way to supplement their income while also giving a meaningful gift to UMass during their lifetime.

The Taylors receive income for life and the remainder goes to support students in Humanities and Fine Arts. Carol loves the connection with "a great institution. We are so grateful for our time at the University and for all it gave us."

Mark says the CGA is a "genius idea that is a really powerful way to contribute. UMass is still on our minds—we've become re-engaged through our gift."

To learn more about ways you, like the Taylors, can support UMass with a charitable gift annuity, contact Joseph K. Jayne ’21MPP at 413-577-1418 or gift.planning@umass.edu.